The workshop

The company is owned and run by Paul Kovacs and was established in 1991. The workshop is a traditional cabinetmakers shop plus a big lathe on wich I can turn spindles up to 3800mm and a diameter of 450mm. It´s a Lignotec lathe. In the lathe we can mould channels and spirals. It´s also possible to turn a tabletop up to 2 meters in diameter.


  • Turned details
  • Custom made furniture
  • Models and prototypes
  • Repairing antique furnitures
  • Renovating older houses and buildings

Some of the clients

  • Royal Dramatic Theatre
  • Royal Castle
  • Tekniska muséet (Technical museum)
  • Armémuséet (Army museum)
  • Artist Pontus Lindvall-Berlin
  • Design firm Stokke Austad-Oslo
  • Furniture company Cassina-Milano
  • Architect Mikael Löfström